Management of construction and investment projects

What are construction and investment projects?

An investment and construction project is a complex of legal relations, actions and documents aimed at investing in the development, reconstruction and subsequent operation of facilities. They are applied in the following areas:

Justification of the economic feasibility of construction or reconstruction, calculation of costs, payback periods and profitability projections.

When working to raise funds for construction from third party investors (if the entire capital investment is not made by the client).

When obtaining initial permits for surveys, design and construction work.

In the design and study and commissioning, construction or reconstruction of the facility, commissioning.

In the registration of permits and title deeds for the site.

the process

To attract external investment and interaction with creditors, a single business plan is usually prepared. May be mentioned in negotiations with contractors and government agencies, banks and private investors. In order to manage an investment and construction project at the stage of study, design, construction and commissioning, the client may enter into an agreement with a technical client, to transfer all necessary powers to him.

Types of construction and investment projects

They directly depend on the type of project, the status of the developer, the type of facility under construction or reconstruction. Projects are classified according to the following types:
By class – multiprojects, monoprojects, megaprojects
By complexity of implementation – simple, complex, very complex
By sources of financing – commercial, budgetary, mixed forms of co-financing
In terms of investment volume – small, medium and large projects
By implementation time – short, medium and long term projects
By type of building to be erected and sphere of activity – residential construction, construction of public and industrial facilities, road and other specialized constructions.
Naturally, this classification is conditional, as a project may fall into several categories and classes at the same time. Contact us for more detailed information.

Characteristics of construction and investment project management for different objects

The management of different types of projects varies greatly in terms of goals and objectives, the list of required documentation, options for approvals and reviews, and facility safety standards. Our specialists will assist you in clarifying all the nuances in each specific case.