Construction Management


“RESPECT BUILD Ltd. offers the service “Construction Management”. It encompasses the management of the investment project in all its aspects – starting from the overall planning and going through the coordination and control of the project from its inception in order to meet all the requirements of the investor – both from a functional and financial point of view.

The basic principles of construction management are the principle of material interest of a construction company, proper selection and deployment of manpower, scientific management, concentration of forces on the most important areas of construction, control over the execution of the process.

the process

The basic principles of construction management

Managing the construction process is impossible without advance planning. Construction progress planning is a management function that aims to develop plans for the construction of a facility. This function ensures the order, sequence and schedule of construction and installation activities. Management activities of managers are based on the following principles:

  • A scientific approach to management
  • Compliance with all norms prescribed by government authorities
  • Self-monitoring of systems
  • Centralisation of management
  • Incentivising labour activity
  • Freedom of business

New requirements in the organisation of construction processes

Today, the requirements in the organisation of construction processes have changed considerably due to significant changes in the field of project management. The need to optimise and speed up work processes has come to the fore, and new technologies have also had an impact in this respect.
The use of information systems in construction management is no longer a luxury but a necessity.
The complex of works in infrastructure management includes:
Feasibility study of engineering searches for project execution.
Creation of project documentation.
Site construction.
Ensuring quality control.
Building inspection prior to project handover.

Safety management and project environmental impact management

Safety management in the project includes a standard set of safety planning, assurance and control activities.
As far as managing the environmental impact of a project is concerned, the assessment and mitigation of environmental risks is something that developers and contractors have been paying increasing attention to in recent years. And this is commonplace in the new conditions and according to the new requirements for living. Our company is no exception in this respect.