Complete engineering

Full engineering brings together all activities related to the investment intention, design, implementation and maintenance.

The complex development of the project is actually a turnkey architectural project. The author of the project documentation begins its creation with analyses. He examines the site for construction and then, if the client has all the necessary documentation, begins to divide the space into zones and determine where the building is planned to be constructed. Then there is the development of planning, elevations, utilities and other things. Each stage is approved by the client and government agencies. At the preparatory stage, a model of the facades is created, the internal structure of the building is considered. Once the concept is approved, the architect begins to detail it, performing numerous calculations. Construction can then begin immediately.

the process

Architectural project

The architectural design is an integral part of the construction documents. It contains the architectural solutions necessary to create construction drawings, plans and any other documentation. These decisions are always based on technical, engineering, economic, environmental, sanitary and other requirements for the building to be constructed.
The architectural section includes general layout diagrams, floor plans, ventilation duct plans, list of finishing materials, etc. We prepare it based on a sketch approved by the client.

Design of building structures

The main task at this stage is to develop the architectural solution very carefully and in detail. Depending on what structures are included in a particular building system (made of wood, metal, stone), the structural section has sub-tasks, each of which consists of developing connecting assemblies, calculating loads, strength characteristics and the quantity of building materials required.
This section is an assistant for the builders and a starting point to specify where the structure needs to be strengthened and where, on the contrary, it needs to be lightened to avoid unnecessary expenditure on building materials.
Only a professional is able to answer the specific requirements exactly – what sections and materials are needed, in which places it is worth reinforcing so that the building will last as long as possible in time.

Engineering sections

They are designed to create comfortable and safe conditions for living or staying in the building. At this stage, a design is created for the heating and ventilation system, sewage and water supply, electrical equipment, etc. This takes into account the requirements of economic feasibility in the selection of a particular system of pipes, wires, equipment and so on. For the development of engineering sections, layouts developed at the architectural design stage are required, as well as initial data such as where the site is located, whether air-conditioning is required, calculation of thermal engineering, general plan, technical task for the creation of the project, etc.