Royal Engineering Ltd. offers the construction of building installations:
  • Electrical Installations
  • Plumbing construction
  • HVAC construction

We have a highly skilled team of electrical engineers and technicians with vast experience in the construction, repair and maintenance of electrical installations for all living spaces – offices, homes, commercial spaces and more.

the process

What does the electrical installation project contain?

The design process involves executing work in a specific order and content:
Electricity consumers are analyzed by power, voltage, dependence on production and technological processes, geographical location in relation to terrain and climatic conditions, and degree of reliability.
The design process specifies the task and objectives of the electrical installation.
The most suitable solution for the mains power supply is sought and found.
Feasibility studies, cost determination and search for the best option to minimize them.
Determine the coordination of the operation of individual electrical installations connected to a common electrical installation.
Determination of technical parameters for selection of electrical installation elements for drawing up specification, for preparation of cable and overhead lines, etc.
All technical calculations to determine equipment characteristics and economic calculations to estimate material and installation costs.
Supervision of the proper execution of the work.
Execution and organization according to validation and design process.

Plumbing construction

Plumbing work is a voluminous set of procedures. First, it is the installation of equipment, its repair when the need arises, the maintenance of the sewer and water supply system.
Installing new pipes involves sequential steps. First, the riser and plumbing are installed. Then the sewer main is installed and a mandatory test is performed.
When working with updating the sewer system, removing broken pipes and installing new devices, a certain algorithm is used:

  • Markings are being placed where the new water main will be installed.
  • The drain points are determined according to the dimensions of the sanitary ware.
  • The necessary drawing showing the branching of communications are made.
  • The necessary calculations are made and the necessary materials prepared.
  • Unnecessary elements are removed.
  • The system is installed from new pipes.

HVAC construction

The main design stages include:
Feasibility survey
At this stage of the design, the type of system is selected, the technical areas for installing this equipment are determined. The main characteristics of the ventilation system are also set. The preliminary cost of the system is also determined.
Working project
It is developed on the basis of the building schemes, thermal characteristics of building structures. The heat and moisture release is calculated and based on it the air exchange required for each room is determined, providing the required parameters. Finally, the system layout is selected and its performance determined.