Interior design

Our highly skilled interior designers create the spirit and comfort of an indoor environment that is functional and safe.

“RESPECT BUILD” Ltd offers you an impressive range of services, including professional help in furnishing your home, commercial space, office or any other living space. In order to make a room cozy, beautiful and comfortable, it is necessary to observe many rules and we are ready to help you in every aspect. Whether it’s setting up an electrical network, a scheme for the correct placement of appliances, positioning of furniture and all the other details that are capable of turning a housing into a real home.

the process

Interior design for apartment

Creating a design project for an apartment is a real challenge. Immediately many questions arise, such as where to store things, how and where to position the bedroom, which is better – kitchen-living room or the separation of those two rooms. The new “Covid” reality has also brought further changes to our lifestyle. It is now assumed that a home should also have a workspace in the form of a separate office or simply a dedicated work surface in one of the available rooms. At the same time, it is necessary to decide in what style to develop the design of the future apartment.

The main task of the interior design project is to provide a balanced, high-quality, clean, bright space that reflects the character of the owners. Contact us and we will help you with all of this so you can live happily in the home of your dreams!

Drawing up a scheme

The project work is divided into phases. The first one is schematic and includes coordination of the concept with the client, selection of stylistic direction, colour scheme and layout of the rooms. The design is then drawn up so that the client can see how the colours interact and whether the furniture is harmoniously placed.

Work documentation

This stage involves the preparation of working documentation. It describes in detail at which points to make channels for wiring, what materials to use for decoration, etc. The work documentation includes detailed instructions for the builders who will implement the project.